the diversified culture of Istanbul

the diversified culture of Istanbul

Istanbul is a beautiful city that attracts many visitors every year. It is the only city in the world to be a part of two different continents. One part of Istanbul is in Asia and one part is in Europe separated by Bosphorus straight. This straight connects black see with Mediterranean Sea and divides Istanbul in two parts.

Many visitors have given good reviews about Istanbul and made it a famous place worldwide. Istanbul won many awards for its tourism attractions. You can select a good Istanbul tour package to experience a beautiful vacation. Istanbul is an artistic city. It has beautiful monuments with great architecture. Istanbul is city of mosques. There are more than three thousand mosques in Istanbul. These mosques are built beautifully and many mosques have historical importance.

Istanbul is a place of great diversity. It is a part of two different continents. Not only geographically, Istanbul has diversity due to religion also. With a good Istanbul tour package, you can visit mosques and churches. In fact, a large mosque here was initially the largest church of the world. Before becoming an Islamic city, Christianity was the main religion of Turkey. There is a great impact of Christianity in roots of Istanbul, which is now completely taken by Islam. This makes the city very much diversified in its religious culture.

Istanbul has a diversified climate too. The city gets warmth being surrounded by sea. Temperature is good throughout the year. However, you can see snowfall in the city. Istanbul gets impact of different climates from everywhere. You can select the right climate for visiting Istanbul before finalizing Istanbul tour packages.

Istanbul has many beautiful places to visit. It has a large market, which is the largest and oldest covered market. You will love to do shopping here. There are thousands of shops in the market from where you can buy everything you are wanting. In the diversified culture of Istanbul, you will get many products that reflect the beauty of various cultures. Do not forget to ensure shopping in your Istanbul tour packages.

You will see coastal areas in a good Istanbul tour package. The Bosphorus straight separates both parts of Istanbul. The coastal areas of Istanbul are very beautiful for visit. As a part of Mediterranean Sea, the sunny climate of these coastal areas is very good for winter tours. You can find a good cruise company and go for a cruising trip. The prince’s island is main attraction of Istanbul coastal area.

Istanbul was the capital of different ancient empires and has a great importance of ancient times. Though it is not the capital at current time, it is a very important city with high population in Turkey. Istanbul has good transportation and hospitality services. It has one of the oldest subway systems. These old systems are so beautiful that even travelling through these routes will make your day pleasant. Istanbul tour packages have many good things to offer. You can select a good package and experience the beauty of Istanbul.