Top five places to visit in Morocco

Top five places to visit in Morocco

Morocco vacations can be on your next plans. While the country is very beautiful to visit confusing you about where to visit first, here is a list of top five places that you should not omit. These places are of great importance and unique in their own way. If you are visiting Morocco, these places should always be there in your Morocco travel package.


The obvious selection in Morocco is Sahara desert. You can visit there with camel safari. It will be a nice experience to talk with natives there. They are very calm and friendly. They will tell you different stories of deserts that will remind you of some suspense movie. You can play on dunes and experience beautiful views in many angles. Night sky is a mesmerizing view in Sahara desert. You will like to spend few days in the desert and capture many memories.

The beautiful city of Tinghir is full of tasks. You can visit the gardens and Kasbahs. The narrow streets of city are good to travel with a camel ride. Surrounded by hills, this city has good view to offer you. Todgha Gorge is the main tourist attraction of this city. Sitting in Todra valley, the city has beautiful surrounding and nice climate. All Morocco vacation packages include this splendid location because of the varieties it offers.


Ouarzazate in Morocco has everything to make you believe it is an Arabian city. The famous place and home for many Hollywood movies is a must include place in your Morocco vacation packages. The Cinema museum is best place to visit in the city. However, if you take a tour of city, you will learn how developed the city is. You can enjoy good accommodation here while experiencing the look of old Arabian times.

The purpose of your Morocco travel package is to enrich you with beautiful views then how can this place not be in list. The range of Atlas Mountains is a big paradise to visit. You can go for hiking in national park and trekking in the mountain. It is common to have love for mountains and their views but visiting Atlas Mountains will give you distinct views. There is a lot to explore around the place when you visit. 


Though people like secluded places for vacations so they can spend peaceful time, visiting a city of importance is essential when travelling to a new country. Marrakech is very popular among tourists because of monuments it has. There is an old medina, mosque and palaces to visit. The city sits in foothills of north Atlas getting a gorgeous view from it. Marrakech is not limited to monuments only. You can have good accommodation here and do good shopping from here. The colorful bazaars of this city will attract you for buying many things. You can add many things to your shopping list that will always keep reminding of this beautiful holiday destination and keep your memories alive.