Turkish And Islamic Arts Museum Gallery

Turkish And Islamic Arts Museum Gallery

Istanbul‘s Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art (Türk-Islam Eserleri Müzesi), on the Hippodrome across from the Blue Mosque (map), is a treasure-house of beautiful objects from the Ottoman (14th to 20th centuries), Seljuk (11th to 13th centuries), and earlier periods beginning in the 8th century.

Turkish and Islamıc Art Museum is the first museum exhibiting all kind of Turkish and Islam Art Works. It was completed in 1913 and opened the visiting as “The Museum of Muslim Endowments” (Evkaf-i Islamiye Muzesi) in imaret building within Suleymaniye Mosque complex, one of the masterworks of the Great Architect, Mimar Sinan in 1914.

Then it was transferred to Ibrahim Pasha Palace which was given by Suleyman the Magnificent as a present grand vizier Ibrahim Pasha from Suleymaniye imaret building in 1983.

Additionally, surrogated four enormous courtyards,that palace has stood for centuries because it was made of the stone instead of the wood. So It is reborn by being renovated between1966 and 1983.

Turkish and Islamic Art Museum was rewarded ‘Council of Europe Museum of the Year Contest Jury Special Award in 1984 and also rewarded by UNESCO in 1985.

As it is seen that the museum attracts people with its various pieces exceeding 40.000.

What to See Inside
You’ll see variety of great collections from the early period of Islamic art to 20th century that are exhibited at the carpet, manuscript, wood, glass-metal-ceramic and ethnography sections of the museum. Collections include:

Manuscripts and Written Works
Carpets and Kilims
Metal, Glass and Ceramics
Sacred Relics

Collections belongs to the the Umayyad, Abbasid, North African (Moorish), Andalusian, Fatimid, Seljuk, Ayyubid, Ilkhanid, Mamluk, Timurid and Safavid dynasties, the beylik and Ottoman periods and from various Caucasus countries.

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