The wonderlands of Egypt

The wonderlands of Egypt

Egypt is an ancient package and one of the most favorite destinations for tourism. Many people know Egypt as a deserted place with pyramids but this is not true. Egypt is very developed and has many other ancient sites to make it even more special.

For many of us, Egypt means Pyramids. This is surely not the only attraction of the country but the most special place to visit. Visiting the pyramids is a great experience. While the stories of pyramids give us, a picture of inside pyramid, the outside remains unexplained and you will experience it only when you visit the location. The pyramids of Giza are in top list of our travel guide. However, evidence indicates that the Egyptian pyramids could be between 200 and 1,200 years older, while other evidence suggests they may actually be more ancient.
The three pyramids of the Giza Plateau are named after the three pharaohs who are believed to have ordered them to be built:
Pyramid of Khufu: the biggest pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Pyramid of Khafre: the second biggest pyramid. Pyramid of Menkaure: the smallest of the three, also known as the Lesser Pyramid. It is obvious that no Egypt tour packages are designed without pyramids.

The second important thing in Egypt is Nile. Nile, the longest river of world flows in Africa. You can enjoy diving and other water sports in the clean water of Nile. However, the beauty of Nile needs long journey and you can enjoy a cruise from Luxor to Aswan in your Egypt holiday packages. This can be a soothing experience to cruise in Nile watching the beautiful boundaries of Nile flooded with palm and date trees and beautiful dunes behind them.

White desert
White desert is a kind of wonderland. The naturally formed snowy desert with Chalk Mountains gives distinct view. You can play here for hours and get a feel of scientific movies. These natural formations give you beautiful views and fun time especially with kids. This place is special and you should not miss the feel of it.

Egypt may be known to world for Giza but Luxor offers you more variety. There are many places to visit in Luxor. You may enjoy the cruises that start from Luxor but before starting to cruise in Nile, you would love to take a tour of this beautiful city. Though the temple of Karnak and temple of Luxor are considered the focus of city, the whole city is like a museum. You will find many temples with great artwork everywhere in Luxor. There are toms, valley of kings and valley of queens. The Medina and museums of Luxor will give you enough to view. Banana Island can be a good place to spend some peaceful time after roaming in temples. The best Egypt tour packages will always include Luxor trip.

Red sea
Red sea is not always red. The clear water of red sea is good for diving though you need to be careful about the marine life. Red sea can get red and brown at certain times, which is not a sign of danger at all. Include this special place in your Egypt holiday packages and enjoy cruising and snorkeling in Red Sea. Egypt is full of fascinating worlds. Just as you feel lost in Pyramids, temples or white desert, there is another world in red sea. You can visit the aquarium Hurghada and enjoy the beautiful underwater marine life of Red Sea. Diving can give you beautiful views of reefs and shipwrecks to explore.