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Turkey Tours visit our Turkey tours

Visit some of the most famous and historical areas that Turkey has to offer to its visitors on one of our Turkey Travel Packages and Turkey Tours.

Group Tours guaranteed departures

We offer travellers the opportunity to book direct at low cost, on guaranteed fixed date departure tours to interesting destinations in Turkey 

Combination Tours visit our combination tours

Combination Tours and Travel Packages covering the highlights of Turkey, Greece and Egypt. Provide those wishing to travel to more than one country the opportunity to do so.

Turkey Budget Tour check out our budget tours

Our budget tours are start with Istanbul spreading over two continents, Ephesus with its theatres, Pamukkale with cotton castle and marble streets, Cappadocia.

Istanbul Tours visit our Istanbul tours

A variety of tours are available including the exciting Bosphorus cruise and world the world famous the beautiful Blue Mosque, Saint Sophia, Grand Bazaar and more...

Tursab Insurance Package

Personal Accident Coverage
In case of death 5.000USD
In case of Permanent Disability 5.000USD

Return Coverage
Travel agency / Per Occurrence: 100.000USD
Annual maximum total coverage for all the insured: 500.000 USD
This Coverage is limited to tour amount which participant paid per participant

Product Liability Coverage
Provided that is limited to tour amount per person
Travel Agency /Per Occurrence: 100.00 USD
Annual maximum total coverage: 500.00USD

Participant`s Tour cancellation Coverage: Limited to participant's payment 
The fact that participant is obliged to cancel his/her voyage subject to below mentioned cases, before voyage start date and movement of used transportation vehicle is assured within the coverage limits ,stated in the policy provided that participant made a payment to receiver travel agency .

a)Although it is made application for visa without any deficient document and within the period, stipulalated by visa issuing institution for each country, to be traveled, failure to provide the visa for any reason by relevant institution .

b)In case of death ,serious and important accident or disease, in case it is required to hospitalize the insured ,his /her spouse ,children, parents, person, who takes care with his/her children in the permanent residence during the voyage .

c) In case last call comes from the court to the insured as witness,

d)In case house or business office of the insured becomes unusable due the theft ,fire or explosion 'natural disasters or the insured is required to attend in his /her house or business office due at risk of occurring extra loss.

e)In case the person accompanying the insured, is obliged to cancel; the voyage for above mentioned reasons provided that he/she has the same policy and his policy was purchased for the same voyage. (unemployment except)

f)Unexpected unemployment of the person who had bought the tickets made the payment by employee for economic reason. 

g) Rejection of the visa ruquest or getting the visa after  the beginning of the tour  although insured has compledet and declared are week before  the tour  all the documents asked by consulate.

Exclusions of Participants Tour Cancellation Coverage
1. Aestic treatments, vaccination
2. Psychological disorders,
3. Rehabiliation  treatment
4. Dental treatment (except in cases that require  maxilloficacial surgery )
5. Epidemic     
6.Non-urgent rehabilitation treatments,
7. Refusal of visa due to passport ,identity card, deficient document ,deficiency of ticket and vaccination certificate . 
8. Partipicant’s failure to be entitled to visa .
9. Health problems that will prevent to travel 
10.Childbirth or termination of childbirth voluntarily.
11.Acute crisis, defined as medical condition, which exists before receipt of policy by an authorized doctor whether it is diagnosed or not, or occurred subject to such condition.
12.In case of a cancellation travel agency has to pay  back the coast  of services to the insured .However deduction  amounts provided other tour proveders 72 hours before the beinning of the tour.
13.Innate and/or previously diagnosed disease diagnosis and treatment process are out of scope.

Before making personal attempt in order to benefit from assistance services coverage during to voyage, provided that is valid out of permanent residence province, it is required to give notice to above mentioned Assistance Services Telephones or tour guide
                                       Coverage Limits
Medical treatment in the abroad due to injury or sudden illness 30.000 EUR
Return voyage or transfer of the insured due to injury or sudden illness 
(Via any vehicle such as Ambulance etc.)
Air ambulance is valid for European and Mediterranean Airfield
Organization of sending medicine (Medicine amounts are covered by the Insured Medicines, which are prescribed urgently and are not available in travelling piece of the insured
Extension of accommodation period due to injury or disease (Standard room +Breakfast ) Maximum 5 nights)
Accommodation any of first degree family member due to the treatment to be applied on the insured.  4* hotel (standard room +breakfast) Max 7 days
 Return voyage as a result of interruption of voyagedue to death of any first degree family member, Organization and Economiy class flight expenses

Return voyage as a result of interruption of due to damage,
occurred at home. 

Organization and Economiy class
flight expenses

Assistance to the family of hospitalized insured (voyage of one them in order to take care of needy indigent people, who are available in the permanent -residence) 

Organization and Economiy class flight expenses

Travel organization in order to send another person,for continuing to the business trip instead of hospitalized person.

 In case of hospitalization for more than 5 days Organization of travel to the place, where insured is available +Travel expenses

Transmission of emergency messages 


Finding baggage and its transportation to
the to the insured 

Provided it passed from check in -in transaction


Loss or damage of baggage (Money, jewelry, credit card, cash money, traveler’s check, cash voucher. Mobile phone, camera, video camera
etc, electronicg- goods,laptop, special document, stamp and similar goods are excluded from the scope of coverage) 

500 EUR (Provided that check in transaction was made 21 days waiting period)



Delayed baggage (in case it is not found
within 24 hours following arrival, Airway Company’s loss report

 200 EUR) Provided that check in transaction was made


Delay due to ovebooking (if it delays for more than 6 hours) 

 100 EUR

Delay due to missing of connecting flight (force majeure)

100 EUR
General Information Service


Cash advance in the abroad? In case of loss or theft of wallet .credit card, baggage unexpected disease and accident, advance shall be provided as adebt in order cover the urgent requirements 

 2.000 EUR

 Legal consultancy  
Bankruptcy of Agency  Limited to tour amount
General Information Service  
Age limit (Children between the ages of 0-17 can be insured
provided that their mother or father is insurant People
between the ages of 70-75 can be insured for the situations
 related to accident provided that they pay 50%additional
premium and people over the age of 75 can be insured for the situations related to accident provided that they pay 100%additional premium)
People in the age of 70 and over are covered only against accident conditions.
 Reservatioon coverage  1.200EUR


Covarages Limits
Medical treatment coverage due to injury or sundden
illness of the insured out of permanent  residence province
Limit : 1.000- EUR          
Return voyage or transfer due to injury  or sudden illness via any vehicle  such a mbulance etc
Organization of sending medicine
(Medicine amounts are covered by the insured) 
Mediciness which are prescribed  urgently and are not available in travelling place of the insured.
Accommodation of any first degrees family member
due to the treatment to be applied on the  insured
4* Hotel (standart  room +breakfast) Max 7 days
Return voyage as a result of interruption of voyage
due to death of any degree family member,
Organization + travel expenses
Return voyage as result of interruption of voyage
due to damage occurred at home
Travel Expensses (Document received from official authorities)
Assistance to the family of hospitalized ,insured
(voyage of one of them in order to take care of needy -
indigent people ,who are available in the permanent residence)
Organization +Travel Expenses
Travel organization in order to send another person
for continuing to business trip instead of hospitalized person.

In case of hospitalization for more than 5 days Organization of travel to the place where insured is available +travel expenses

Transfer of deceased insured


Except funeral and Burial Expenses

Delayed baggage 

200-TL (Provided that check in transaction was made)


Transmission of emergency messages   
General information Service   
Bankruptcy of Agency Limited to tour amount

Age limit (children between the ages of 0-17
can be insured provided that their mother
or father is insurant ,people between the ages of 70-75
can be insured for the situations related to accident provided that
they pay 50 % additional premium and people over the age of 75 can be insured for the situations related to accident provided that they pay 100% additional premium.

People in the age of 70 and over are covered only against accident, conditions.
Reservation Coverage 1.200- EURO


 1. Company shall not be responsible for all kinds of assistance activities, arranged by or on behalf of the insured and incurred expenses in respect to this, without giving authorization.

2. Fraudulent actions of the insured or any first degree family member or another person, making demand under the scope of this policy,
3. All kinds of final loss
4. War or warlike operation, revolution, rebellion, commotion, terrorist actions and civil strives, arisen therefrom.
5. Terrorist actions and sabotage, started in 3713 numbered Anti -Terror la and interventions ‘performed by authorized organs in order to prevent them and diminish their effect,
6.Nuclear risks or use of nuclear ,biological and chemical weapon all kinds of attack and sabotage ,which shall cause manifest of nuclear .biological and chemical substances,
7. Operation of the armed forces or security forces or organizations,
8. Insured’s actions, which shall expose himself/herself to heavy danger intentionality, other than rescuing the people and goods in danger,
9. Using any aircraft and helicopters, which do not have authority to transport passengers, in the capacity of passenger or crew, driving motorcycle?
10. Continuing treatment expenses following the return in to the residence province at the end of voyage,
11.Even if it has not been treated in any case ,all diseases ,which exist in the application date and or based on before insurance start date ,expenses ,occurring due to acute disease intensities and complications .developing in the chronic ground (including death as a result of disease and therefore ,returning corpse to the homeland and burial expenses.
12.Even if it is diagnosed in the older age all congenital disease disabilities (natal anomalies ,genetic disorders,)expenses related to prematurity incubator care etc., all kind of routine and specific examination and treatment expense related to motor and mental development disorder (growth and development retardation)for example :genetic test all kids of cardio type research .hemoglobin .electrophoresis, phenylketonuria tests, newborn thyroid tests-VUR etc,
13. All kinds of health expenses related to pregnancy and its complications,
14. All kinds of expenses related to taking and storing Cord Blood .and Cord Blood bank.
15. Epidemic illnesses, which are announced officially (cholera, malaria etc.)All kinds of test analysis expenses related to AIDS and diseases subject to AIDS,
16. Special nurse expenses
17. Expenses of crutch, wheelchair .corsets, orthopedic shoes, sole plate, boot, and slipper. Ice bag ,Escher ring, and all kinds of orthopedic supporters and hearing instrument and all kinds of expenses of auxiliary medical instruments and materials (sleep apnea device and calibration ,halter, device etc., breast and penilleprosthesis ,used for psychosocial reasons and etc.,
18. Spectacle glass, frame, all kind of contact lens expenses, lens solutions,
19. Expenses of organ, blood products and donor in case of organ transplantation and blood transfusion, and transfer expenses related to organ tissue,
20. Other expenses, which are not necessary for the treatment such as telephone, television, cafeteria, managerial service and paramedical service charges,
21.Disease .injury or death conditions ,which can occur due to suicide attempt of the insured, inspection .examination ,treatment and medicine expenses related to all kinds of neurological disorders and geriatric diseases ,psychosomatic diseases and expenses of psychologist and consultancy services,
22. Examinations, and treatments related to sexual functional disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases,
23. All alternative treatments and kind of expenses made for the cosmetic purpose (acupuncture, mesotherapy, magneto therapy .neural therapy, chiropractic, anti -aging, rice, Ayurveda etc.
24. Inspections and treatments, which are not subject to any definite disease (scanning tests vaccination, control test .viral markers, porter examinations etc.
25. Allergic diseases except anaphylaxis, condition and treatments for these diseases,
26,losses ,which the person shall give to himself/herself when she/he has or does not have mental balance .losses ,which the person shall give to himself/herself by committing any crime .diseases and injuries .arisen from alcohol intoxication ,alcoholism and use of alcohol ,all kinds of health expenses ,to be occurred as a result of using addictive substance such as heroin ,morphine etc.
27. A, Examination, treatment and care of disorders, occurred during participation of the insured for contest as licensed player.
b) Occupational accidents of professional players .However, sudden illness, which is not related to performed sports and accidents, occurred other than relevant sports are under the coverage, surpremium is not applied.
c)Even if it is performed without license or as amateur ,all dangerous sports branches such as skiing ,mountaineering .riding.rafting,tube/free diving ,paragliding, combats sports, car racing sports,
28. All treatments expenses related to dental disorders,
29. Child is charges, baby formulas .diapers, baby bottles and nipples etc.
30. Non-medical supplementary products. Herbal medicines, food supplements, which are used in order to provide daily need of body and or to protect and to support general health .all medicinal substances, which are not approved by WHO
31. Expenses, incurred due to complications and treatments .applied in the period before insurance.
32. Relapse and complications of operations and treatments, applied in the period before insurance,
33,Medical problem ,disability ,arisen from any flight ,other than being ticketed passenger in an airy ,organizing regular voyages (Member of IATA) and examination and treatments ,required by these and other expenses,
34. Aesthetic treatments, vaccination.
35. In case of death of the insured in the permanent residence province, transfer of corpse
36. Damages occuring in time frame .when coverage period, stated in the policy, is exceeded,
37. Baggage having insufficient package, having no label. Containing breakable or deteriorative products,
38.baggage coverage in the abroad is valid only for baggage ,which passed from check in ^ in the airway voyages .In case check in transaction was not made or baggage demand was not issued ,baggage loss or damages are not under coverage. There is no baggage coverage in the domestic voyages...
39. Disease .conditions, whether sudden or not for people in the age of 70 and over.
40. In case total travel period i.e. 92 days are exceeded in the annual travel insurances, all medical treatment, medical transfer and corpse transfer expenses incurred after 92 days...

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 We offer travellers the opportunity to book direct at low cost.

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Our budget tours take you to Turkey's most popular destinations for the best possible price and will provide you with memories of a lifetime!.

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Offering Turkey and Greece combined tours and also all of your travel needs for Turkey and Egypt.

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