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Visit some of the most famous and historical areas that Turkey has to offer to its visitors on one of our Turkey Travel Packages and Turkey Tours.

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We offer travellers the opportunity to book direct at low cost, on guaranteed fixed date departure tours to interesting destinations in Turkey 

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Combination Tours and Travel Packages covering the highlights of Turkey, Greece and Egypt. Provide those wishing to travel to more than one country the opportunity to do so.

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Our budget tours are start with Istanbul spreading over two continents, Ephesus with its theatres, Pamukkale with cotton castle and marble streets, Cappadocia.

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A variety of tours are available including the exciting Bosphorus cruise and world the world famous the beautiful Blue Mosque, Saint Sophia, Grand Bazaar and more...

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tretching out on two continents, Turkey is a paradise where one can experience the four seasons simultaneously... Whether be fond of art, history, archeology or nature, you will feel the happiness beyond desires and hopes during your stay in Turkey. Check out our Turkey Tours >>

Surrounded by the crystal clear waters of a shinning sea at four directions, Turkey generously offers her 8000km long shores before your eyes. Turkey is rich in flora and fauna.

Because of its geographical location, the mainland, Anatolia, has witnessed the mass migration of diverse peoples shaping the course of history. Twenty fascinating civilizations render Turkey the heir of 10.000 years old history, which has still been examined for further ancient secrets to be brought up into daylight. These lands inhales at any moment the mystery of the past through the existence of the statues of gods and goddesses, temples, theaters, agoras, churches, mosques, medresseh, palaces and caravanserais. Becoming a united whole of daily life and all other values, Turkey forms ideal circumstances.

Whether you are an art and history buff, an archaeology nut or a nature lover, enjoy browsing through markets or going diving, the different regions of Turkey offer endless possibilities all year round. Each area has its own personality, history, landscape and even cuisine, and with so much on offer to visitors it is not surprising that one trip to Turkey is never enough.

Surrounded by four different seas, Turkey is a beach paradise with over 8000 km of sunny strips of sand. It also has an abundance of plant and wildlife species that can be enjoyed while camping or trekking in the many national parks which are dotted around the country.

Home to more than 20 different fascinating civilisations, Turkey has a 10,000 year-old heritage, much of which is still being uncovered. Its rich history is very much part of the present, with temples, ancient theatres, churches, mosques, tombs, statues of gods, palaces and fortresses, and of course the many detailed and fascination museums which bring the past to life.

It's also a great country to visit. The Turks are mostly overwhelmingly friendly to foreign visitors, the cuisine is frequently excellent, the cities are dotted with majestic old buildings and the countryside is often worth a good old-fashioned gasp. There's an enormous variety of things to see and do ranging from water sports to mountain trekking, archaeology to night-clubbing and river rafting to raki drinking. Whether you leave Turkey with magnificent carpets, amulets to ward off evil, belly-dancing tips, an appreciation of its history, or just a tan, you're likely to want to go back for more.

Being a geographic location for numerous civilizations and a mosaic of various cultures, Turkey is one of the leading countries of having rich cultural background and varieties. Turkey has united its natural beauty with its cultural riches and hence made great improvements in the field of tourism. The remains and works of ancient cultures other than Turkish background are preserved and great respect is paid to these art works. Today, although most of the Turkish oriented remains and art works are totally destroyed in Balkans and Central Europe, in Turkey all of the foreign oriented art works are preserved even if they do not have artistic value. There are thousands of art works and ancient remains that could be called as a Wonder in Istanbul Turkey. The Ephesus Arthemis Temple and Halikarnas Bodrum Mausoleum, which are counted among the seven wonders of the world, were once inside the borders of Turkey. The still remaining parts of these two unique wonders and some of the Turkey's cultural riches are demonstrated at the major museums all around the world. If only the magnificent tiles are tried to be assembled together at one source, volumes of art works having the title of wonder is formed. The mansions, palaces, mosques, meander, sadirvan, fountains, wooden balconies and clothing do not fit into any sort of volumes. Turkey, happily, we have numerous wonderful and unique art works. 

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