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Visit some of the most famous and historical areas that Turkey has to offer to its visitors on one of our Turkey Travel Packages and Turkey Tours.

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Egypt and Jordan Combination Tour

 (17 Nights / 18 Day )

Day 01: Arrive Cairo where you will be met by our representative who will help you with your immigration and customs formalities. Later you will be transferred to your hotel, the luxurious.

Day 02: After breakfast, drive to Memphis on the edge of the Western Desert, the capital of the ancient kingdom, and one of the most important cities throughout the history of ancient Egypt. From here we drive to Sakkara, the vast necropolis of ancient Memphis. PM Drive to the Pyramids of Giza. Cheop's Pyramids, the largest of the three, was built in the 3rd Dynasty about 2690 BC, and is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. In front of the Pyramids of Chephren, we find the Sphinx carved from a single piece of stone. It is a lion with a pharaoh's head thought to be a portrait of the Pharaoh Chephren. Visit the Solar Boat Museum. Later transfer back to your hotel for an overnight.

Day 03: Breakfast, then you will be met and transferred to Cairo Airport for your flight to Aswan. Upon arrival at Aswan Airport, you will be met and transferred to embark your cruise ship. Later you will visit by "felucca" the Elephantine Island, the Mausoleum of Agha Khan and the Botanical Gardens. Lunch. You will be met by our tour guide and a private tour of the newly opened Nubian Museum in Aswan, where you can see the Nubian civilization from the start until present time. Later transfer back to your cruise ship for dinner and overnight on board ship.

Day 04: Breakfast, then visit the Unfinished Obelisk in the ancient granite quarries, and the High Dam. Lunch, then cruise to Kom-Ombo. Visit the Ptolemaic Temple of Kom-Ombo, which was dedicated to two gods: the Crocodile God Sobek and the Falcon-Headed god Haroeris. Sail to Edfu. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 05: Breakfast, then visit the Temples of Horus (237 BC), the best preserved Egyptian temple in existence. Lunch. Sail to Esna and visit the Temple of Khnum. Continue to Luxor. Dinner and overnight on board ship.

Day 06: Breakfast, then cross the Nile to visit the necropolis of ancient Thebes. Explore the Valleys of the Kings and Queens where tombs of 64 Pharaohs and 57 Queens have been discovered, and enter some of the most important burials. Visit the temple of Queen Hatshipsut and the Colossi of Memnon. Lunch. Afternoon visit the Temple of Karnak, which took over 1500 years to build and is considered the world's largest religious complex. Then visit to the Temple of Luxor, which was started by Amenhotep III, and completed by Ramses II. Dinner on board ship.

Day 07: Breakfast, then disembark your cruise ship, where you will be met and transferred to the Old Winter Palace Hotel. Later you will be met by our guide and start your tour visiting the Tomb of the Nobles, the King Tut Tomb, the Seti First Tomb and Madinet Habut. Transfer back to your hotel. Later transfer to attend the magnificent Sound and Light Show at the Karnak Temple. Return to your hotel for an overnight.

Day 08: Breakfast, then visit the newly opened Tomb of "Nefertari". It consists of 25 chambers and it houses the sons of Ramses II. It's a breathtaking exhibit. Later visit the Luxor Museum. PM You will be met and transferred to Luxor Airport for your flight back to Cairo. Upon arrival at Cairo Airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel.

Day 09: Breakfast, then start your tour visiting the Egyptian Museum famous for its antiquities from Egypt's Pharaonic Period, which dates back some 50 centuries and includes the fabulous treasures of King Tut-Ankh-Amon. Afternoon excusion to Old Cairo, visiting the very old Coptic Churches and the Oldest Jewish Synagogue of Beni Ezra. Continue your visit to a mosque and the Medieval bazaars of Khan-el-Khalili. Where you can bargain for your jewelry and hand-tooled leather items. Return to your hotel for an overnight.

Day 10: Breakfast, then drive to visit the Pyramid of Maidum was originally a seven-stepped pyramid. It was enlarged to an eight-stepped pyramid. Eventually the steps were filled in and a smooth outer facing turned it into a true pyramid. It is a huge structure that is surrounded by the debris from the casing that collapsed. The Maidum Pyramid is thought to have been started by Huni, the last ruler of the 3rd Dynasty and then completed by his son Sneferu. Sneferu was the first 4th Dynasty Pharaoh. (2613 - 2494 BC). A little north from the Maidum Pyramid is the remains of the Seila Step Pyramid, it is made of the limestone and is thought to be from the 2nd Dynasty. From there we drive to Dahshur to visit the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. The constructor of these pyramids is thought to have been Sneferu. Sneferu is thought as well to have built the Pyramid of Maidum. His son was Cheops, who continued his constructive tendencies. Return to your hotel. Overnight.

Day 11: Breakfast, then visit Fayoum, Egypt's largest oasis, overlooking Lake Qarun which is a popular spot for hunting and fishing. You can visit the remains of the Temple and Pyramid of Amenhat III and Qasr Qarun, a well preserved temple from the Greco-Roman Era. PM Return back to Cairo. Overnight at your hotel.

Day 12: Breakfast and morning at leisure for last minute shopping. Overnight at your hotel. (B)

Day 13: Breakfast, then you will be met by our representative and transferred to Cairo Airport, where you will be helped with your check-in and immigration formalities for your flight to Amman. Arrive Amman Queen Alia Airport where you will be met by our representative, assisted and transferred to your hotel.

Day 14: Breakfast, then drive north for a full day tour to three of Jordan's most historical sites: Jerash, Ajlun and Umm Qeis. You will start in the biblical land of Gilead (Jerash). This is one of the finest preserved Greco-Roman cities, which the Hellenistic forces of Alexander the Great called Antioch on the Chrisorhoas. It is one of the best preserved cities of the decapolis. Within its intact towered city walls, are colonnaded streets, three theaters, several baths, two temples, plazas, fountains and many other public spaces that formed the typical wealthy provincial Roman town. From the Byzantine period, Jerash has at least 15 churches with sparkling mosaics. Back to the hotel for an overnight.

Day 15: After an early breakfast, drive south, via the King's Highway, on your way to what is rightly called "The 8th Wonder of the Ancient World": Petra. As you pass south of Amman through the Old Ammonite Kingdom, we reach Madaba, with one of the best preserved collections of early Christian Byzantine mosaics from the 4th to the 7th centuries AD. Ten minutes east of Madaba, is Mt. Nebo, with its commanding view of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. It is the same spot where Moses is thought to have looked out over the Holy Land. Continue to the massive crusader fortress of Kerak, with its labyrinth of underground galleries, rooms and secret passages. Its thick defensive walls are pierced by narrow slits, where the crusader's archers held out in vain for over 1000 years. Continue to Petra.

Day 16: After breakfast, start your full day tour is the rose red city of Petra, the wondrous, rock-carved Nabatean capital. From that same well-secured spot, the Nabatean Arab kingdom controlled one of the greatest international trade routes of the ancient world, the fabled "Spice and Incense Route", which linked China, India and Southern Arabia with rich markets of Greece, Rome and the Mediterranean world. For approximately 500 years, between the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD, the Nabateans carved a fabulous city out of the rose red rock, of which over 800 individual monuments and tombs can still be appreciated today. Overnight at your hotel. (B,L)

Day 17: Breakfast, and a day at leisure. Overnight at your hotel. (B,L)

Day 18: Breakfast, then you will bemet by our representative and transferred to Amman Airport, where you will be helped with your check-in and immigration formalities for your flight back home. (B)

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