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Visit some of the most famous and historical areas that Turkey has to offer to its visitors on one of our Turkey Travel Packages and Turkey Tours.

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We offer travellers the opportunity to book direct at low cost, on guaranteed fixed date departure tours to interesting destinations in Turkey 

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Combination Tours and Travel Packages covering the highlights of Turkey, Greece and Egypt. Provide those wishing to travel to more than one country the opportunity to do so.

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Our budget tours are start with Istanbul spreading over two continents, Ephesus with its theatres, Pamukkale with cotton castle and marble streets, Cappadocia.

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A variety of tours are available including the exciting Bosphorus cruise and world the world famous the beautiful Blue Mosque, Saint Sophia, Grand Bazaar and more...

Reviews 2007

Roger Turnquist

Hello Nihat,

Thank you for arranging an excellent first visit to Turkey for my family. We really appreciated the recommendations that you made as we planned our trip. You really listened to us and you provided insight in your recommendations that made the trip perfect for us. Everyone on your staff was very professional and everyone offered personal assistance far beyond what was expected.

The tour teams in the various cities that we visited were top notch. Each team met us at our destination, and provided personalized tour information. We felt like everyone we worked with really wanted to be sure that we had a great experience and we did.

Thank you again for your ideas and your attention to detail. Vacations are a special time and the services that you provided were special too.

Many thanks

Wheaton, Illinois


Roger Turnquist

Amabelle Ignacio Philippines

Dear Nihat, I'd like to thank you a million times for the wonderful tour of Turkey that you personalized for me and my friends. I've travelled several times in different countries and I've never experienced this kind of service from any other tour operator. This is the first time I'm actually writing to share my travel experience with the rest of the world. I am therefore giving you the freedom to put this in your website if you deem this helpful in any way.

"For all those considering Magnificent Travel, I highly recommend them!!! As with any trip I plan, I start by searching online for packages that match my places of interest in each city I want to visit. When I came across Magnificent Travel's website I found some interesting sights but the dates didn't exactly match my target for the trip. I wrote them to ask if they could customize the tour by adding cities I wanted and by changing the dates. To my surprise Nihat replied a day after with a full package with all the details I needed to know but didn't even ask for. I then made some more modifications to the package he gave me and he instantly and gladly emailed a revised package. I was a bit hesitant at first because I've never heard of their company until I saw their website c/o google. I wanted to make sure that they really are a registered travel agency/tour operator so I asked my travel companion to call TURSAB to check if they're a member. Of course they're a member :) You can double check :) After that, I continued to email Nihat to ask his help for our Turkish visa application (He sent us a letter of invitation for the Turkish embassy together with the hotel/tour vouchers even though we haven't paid him anything yet. A lot of tour operators ask for down payment but Magnificent didn't. They patiently waited for us to receive our visa then they asked for the payment.). It didn't end there. I sent Nihat numerous emails for additional requests and questions that would prepare us for the trip. I thought he didn't have anything to do that's why he replied to each of my email 5minutes after I sent them or the latest would be a few hours after. But no, when I visited him in his office I saw for a fact that he had a lot of emails to answer. He has a lot of clients but he treats each one like they were his only client. Quite surprising :) Going back to the pre-trip arrangements, when I finally paid for the package, Nihat instantly sent all the documents we needed for the trip.

Now for the actual trip. 1) In terms of the airport-hotel-airport transfers they did a great job! We didn't have to wait for them to pick us up and it was easy to find them coz they all had a sign with my name on it. 2) The hotels they booked for us were ok. We didn't really expect much coz the package price was very reasonable. The important thing for us was that the hotels were clean (CLEAN BEDS, CLEAN BATHROOMS) and that they were located in the center (NEAR THE PLACES WE WANTED TO VISIT). We were quite satisfied :) 3) Most of the meals they served were good. There were lots of buffet style meals :) Needless to say they never left us hungry during the trip. 4) The tour guides were very knowledgeable. Our numero uno guide would be Akif. We spent one day with him in Istanbul and he instantly became our friend. Mehmet was also a great guide. He even waited with us after the tour, before our overnight bus ride to Pamukkale. 5) The overnight bus ride to Pamukkale was not so bad. It was more comfortable than a plane ride. 6) The places we went to were exactly what the itinerary said we'd go to. They didn't leave anything out. Aww.Turkey is really so beautiful!!! You should see it! The sights were amazing. The people were all friendly.


The trip was perfect! :) It wasn't too well planned that every move we made was timed. The guides were quite flexible. We also felt a sense of adventure throughout the whole trip. We had enough time to go around on our own to try different restaurants, experience Turkish baths, explore markets. Real value for your money."

Thank you again Nihat. I hope to book more tours from your good company. Maybe Egypt or Morocco.



Amabelle Ignacio

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 We offer travellers the opportunity to book direct at low cost.

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